Hi friend! I am Maeghan Cranford, but mostly just called Maeg. I am married to Benton who I met in college through a mutual friend. We have a wild + sweet black lab named Banks and our most favorite new addition being our son. We currently live right outside of Atlanta, Georgia. I am most passionate about a healthy work + home rhythm. This came from working outrageous hours, commuting 3 hours a day in traffic, changing jobs multiple times...all for work that left me unfulfilled. I would come home feeling suffocated from the day with nothing left to give as a wife and homemaker. I was living in years of deteriorating physical health because my life rhythms and internal self were chaos.  

Mend and Mae came from all of this unrest.

Mend means
to restore or make whole

Mae means
new growth; a person’s nature + character

We are all leading our own lives in some direction. Mend and Mae’s desire is to enhance the quality + wholeness of an individuals life inside and out. We can eat healthy and use all the natural products, but if our soul is not tended to...we are still unhealthy. 

The journey of wellness involves mind, body, and soul. 


Fun Facts

My life is dressed in neutrals

I dream of living by the coast

I have heightened senses

Observer > Talker

I will never turn down chick-fil-a sweet tea

Affinity for family, nature and travel

One day I hope to be a surfer