For 5 years post college, I wandered through six different jobs trying to figure out a place that I ‘fit’. I knew some of my strengths and what I was interested in, but after a few months in each job, I began to feel bored, frustrated, doubting myself, guilty for not bringing in a consistent income to our home and unsatisfied in my life overall.

One is not born into the world to do everything, but to do something.
— Henry David Thoreau

I operate very creatively and administratively which I thought was a unique trait to offer, leading me to several different desk jobs as well as creative industry jobs. Shortly into that sixth job, I had a friend approach me about a coaching curriculum he thought would benefit where I was at in life and where I might be headed next.

I joined the class and surprisingly, I was not disappointed. I walked away knowing my purpose was to help others enhance the quality of their life! Younique encompasses assessments, coaching and reflection to give you a definitive calling, a rhythm, a dream, next steps and a productive life doing what you were specifically created for.  It has been the most fulfilling journey I have been on & I would encourage you to do the same. Ready to know who you are & how to create life rhythms around that? Register below to join a Younique cohort that I might even be leading myself!