Photography by: Grace Jayne Photo



Essential oils + chemical free products are a large part of our life + home. Please hear me say that they are a large part, but not the entire part. Taking care of our minds, bodies, and souls require more than just one avenue. I was first introduced to essential oils through a friend in 2015 when I was battling a nasty viral cold that put me in bed for 2 weeks after no help from 2 steroid shots, a steroid pack and 4 separate antibiotics all while my fever continued to spike.

(Before I go any further, let it be known  that I thought essential oils were a weird new medicinal realm people were just trying to sell to make money from- HUGE SKEPTIC). I was desperate to feel better, however, so I tried her roller and my symptoms started lessening within 24 hours. I.WAS.SHOCKED. I immediately started doing research on the different oil companies because I knew with my battle of MANY health problems over the last 5 years, maybe this was a new avenue that could help and would be worth a try.


After six months of research on different companies, I landed on ordering a Starter Kit from Young Living. In my research, I began to notice this topic of having a ‘chemical free home’ surrounding essential oils. This began my journey to purge our home (food, cleaning products, candles, beauty products and medicines) of toxins. I still believe in modern medicine and there are plenty of items in our home that are not necessarily all natural, but this is our journey to a healthier lifestyle. I share a lot of that journey over on my social media if you want to follow along, or just reach out with a question!